The iPadOS 16 might not be released in September due to bugs with the Stage Manager Application


As customary to Apple destinations, a new set of iPhones is released with iPadOS and iOS simultaneously every September. This year the Cupertino firm may be forced to do away with its traditions as the instability of the Stage Manager requires reviewing the copy.

Earlier in June, Apple presented to us its set of products to be released, and in the line were the new versions of the operating systems of its devices. As usual, the firm immediately deployed the developer beta, then the public beta before the stable version was released.

iPadOS 16 was also featured, and this OS for the iPad gadgets had some novelties that many Apple Fans can’t wait to hold when unveiled. Unfortunately, that will be cut short if we go by what Mark Gumberg of Bloomberg claims.

 Apple is reportedly planning to postpone the deployment of the latest iPadOS update for a month because of Stage Manager. Fortunately, this should not impact the iOS 16 release date in September. That of macOS Ventura should also not be postponed, despite the presence of the new window manager

The postponement of the deployment of iPadOS, which follows numerous criticisms from developers and testers, is also likely to lead to a change in the date for the release of the next iPads. There was a rumor that a new batch of iPad Pro and an iPad were in the pipeline.

 For the high-end iteration, the M2 chip of the latest MacBook Air should be in the game, and for the “classic” iPad, a USB-C port would be provided. Indeed, it seems complicated to imagine launching new devices without the latest version of Apple’s proprietary software.