Elon Musk hints Tesla’s next Gigafactory might be in Canada


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated during the company’s annual shareholder meeting that an announcement about the next Gigafactory could be made later this year.

During a speech at the Gigafactory Texas meeting dubbed Cyber Roundup, Musk mentioned that Tesla opened two new factories in 2022—Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg and Gigafactory Texas

He also stated that Tesla “may be able to announce another factory location later this year.” When the audience inquired about the location, Musk responded by asking where Tesla should build it. He said that Canada was the most frequently mentioned suggestion from the audience of investors.

“We got a lot of Canada. I’m half Canadian, so maybe I should?” said Musk.

This is not the first time he has mentioned Canada. Musk had previously stated that Tesla is in discussions with the government of Quebec and that the company is also looking into locations in Mexico.

He proceeded to tell investors that about 10-12 vehicle assembly plants were in the company plans all with enormous annual capacity.

“Ultimately, we’ll probably end up building at least 10 or 12 Gigafactories, and they’ll be really big Gigafactories aiming for an average output of 1.5 to 2 million units per factory,” he said.

For comparison, Tesla’s two highest-performing Gigafactories, Giga Shanghai and Fremont Factory, each produced approximately 500,000 vehicles last year.