Google Duo becomes Google Meet and returns to android smartphones

Google meet
Google meet

The Mountain View company has now launched an update that reactivates the symbol of the instant messaging service, Google Duo, which was scheduled to make way for Google Meet.

Despite Google’s claims to streamline the services it provides to its consumers, Google Duo has come back from the dead.

Google said in the summer that Google Duo, its consumer video conferencing app, and Google Meet, its other video calling service, which is more geared toward businesses, will combine.

A few weeks after its introduction, Google Duo was replaced by Google Meet via an upgrade. However, some users have noticed that in addition to the Google Meet symbol, the Google Duo icon has returned on their Android application launcher for a few days.

We may have thought of a bug, but no. Google has acknowledged that the icon’s reappearance was deliberate. The business claims that by using this trick, consumers may quickly access their preferred application even if they are unaware of the company’s complicated intentions and search for Google Duo in their search box.

While you wait for the expected September effective merging of the two programs, which should ultimately end with Google Duo, you will see the identical Google Meet application regardless of whether you choose Google Meet or Google Duo.

Then, to make things simpler for consumers, Google will seek to combine all of the Google Meet capabilities into a single application.