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LG completes 6G data transmission test at a rate of 1 TBps

by Joseph Richard
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According to LG Electronics, an examination of data transfer at 1 TBps utilizing a new mobile network technology that is more similar to what 6G would-be has been accomplished.

The accomplishment occurred outdoors across a 320-meter distance at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany, using frequency ranges between 155 and 175 GHz.

By contrast, the most excellent possible frequency range for 5G is 45.5-52.6 GHz. However, this range hasn’t even been used yet. In Kenya, the 5G Spectrum that the CA has reported is the 2600 MHz band

In this particular Test, LG utilized Ultra-wideband frequencies to conduct its 5G Test. Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, director of new technologies and executive vice president of LG, had the following to say:

“With the success of our last demonstration, we are getting closer to achieving 6G speeds of one terabit per second in indoor and outdoor urban areas,”

He further Clarifies:

“We expect 6G to be a major driver of future business and new user experiences, and there is no place we would rather be than at the forefront of its development,

With 6G, data transmission rates will be substantially faster, latency will be reduced, and dependability will be improved. In addition, LG lists cutting-edge mobile holograms and an entirely different approach to the Internet of Things as some of the advances it will enable. The latter would be more flexible, provide unique experiences, and allow for the organic connection of people, things, and environments.

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