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Google introduces their new Chromecast, which is more affordable

The updated Google Chromecast is now obtainable through the manufacturer’s online shop. Additionally, it is attractively priced at 39.99 euros or less than 40 euros

The goal of Google’s new Chromecast is the same as its previous model: to turn any TV into a smart TV and swap out its interface with an Android one so that users can access their preferred apps and content directly from their TV.

The sole distinction that makes this new edition more cost-effective is that it only lets you view these materials in Full HD HDR and at 60 Hz. In contrast to the high-end model, which was introduced in September 2020 and cost 69.99 euros, there is no 4K HDR at 60 frames per second.

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Given the lack of 4K, the new Chromecast was created with older TV models in mind. In any event, consumers may access more than 6,500 apps from their TV using the remote control, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and others.

Additionally, this new, less-priced variant comes with all the functionality of the Chromecast 4K version, For example, the ability to establish a limited viewing time set up parental restrictions, and create a profile for each family member. In addition, it allows you to control other home appliances with internet connectivity (such as lighting, thermostats, etc.);

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