How To Make Your Smartphone To Function As  A stethoscope


A biomedical engineering researcher has developed an iOS app that lets you hear your heart with astonishing clarity.

King’s College researcher Pablo Lamela created the “Echoes” program to enable users to listen to their own hearts. He suddenly understood the advancements that such a gadget could bring about.

You should sit in a quiet area, lean slightly forward, and lay your iPhone on your chest in four separate locations. The user may then see and hear their heartbeat by converting the sound into a visual display.

 Due to Apple smartphones’ robust microphones that can pick up the sound made by the organ, Echoes is now only accessible on the iPhone. Before using the app, the user must first submit their age, gender, height, and weight to create a substantial database that may be very helpful for medical studies.

The application does not yet provide a diagnosis, but the teams are considering moving in this direction. They worry that this can impact persons with anxiety problems who are compelled to listen to their hearts continually.

Download the Application here