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Samsung China Releases W23 and W23 Flip Alongside the S Pen

by Terryanne Koech
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Samsung has released a newer version of their flip phones, the Samsung W23 Series. The W23 series comprises the Samsung W23 and the Samsung W23 Flip. The phones borrow features from their predecessors, the Samsung S22 aside from a few improvements noted below.

Samsung W23

The Samsung W23 is an advanced version of the Galaxy Z Fold4  which has a Memory Storage configuration of 16GB of RAM and 512GB. The exterior has been revamped to have a black ceramic back, while the aluminum hinge has decorative engraving.

The S Pen (sold separately) has not been left behind as it has been graced with colors black and gold to complement the phone. It has also been revamped with custom themes with the main one drawing inspiration from porcelain from the Song Dynasty.

Samsung W23 Flip

On the other hand, the Samsung W23 Flip has its features advanced as to the Galaxy Z Flip4  starting with the Memory Storage configuration which has a slightly higher RAM of 12GB vs. 8GB with 512GB. The styling is similar to the Z Flip but the hinge is still engraved.  


The Samsung W23 can be pre-booked on the company’s online store in China, the final price is CNY 16,000 (the first CNY 1,000 of which you pay as a deposit to reserve a place in line). The Samsung W23 costs CNY 10,000 (again, you need to start with a CNY 1,000 deposit), you can find it at the Samsung China store.

Deliveries for both the Samsung W23 and W23 Flip start on October 28, exclusive to China.

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