Mazda 3 sedan could go all electric soon according to new patent


Mazda currently lags behind other automakers when it comes to electric vehicle offerings, however, this might change soon according to a new patent.

Mazda only offers the short-range MX-30 in the United States, recently though, the company announced a plug-in hybrid CX-90 that will be unveiled in January.

According to the new patent, it describes in detail the body structure of a new compact electric sedan that appears to be a replacement for the current Mazda 3. The patent focuses on the car’s body structure rather than its exact specifications, as is typical.

Interestingly, the patent claims that the sedan will have a large enough battery to provide a reasonable driving range, but the battery pack is extremely thin in comparison. The patent claims it could be a typical lithium-ion pack or perhaps a solid-state pack. The latter would be a first for any auto manufacturer.

The patent goes on to say that the single electric drive motor will be located in the front of the vehicle – front wheel drive – similar to the current Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback. However, it is stated that this is not set in stone. According to the patent, the motor could be placed in the front, rear, or on each axle to provide all-wheel drive.

The vehicle described seats four to five people just like the Mazda 3 sedan. Some of the imagery presented are merely placeholders, and the final design of the car may differ.

It should be noted that this patent is not a statement of intent to manufacture. Automakers frequently patent things simply to protect ideas. However, I bet many Mazda fans would like to see this model make it to production.