Miss Trudy Responds Soon After Starting A Twitter Conflict Between Kenya And Uganda


When Gertrude Njeri Juma learned that Uganda, an isolated nation, has a national park with a variety of animals, she didn’t know how to handle Ugandans who objected to her.

She admitted in her initial trip vlog that she had never realized that Uganda had such tourist sites before she went on a wildlife drive there.

“Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have a game drive in Uganda! I thought that these are only in Kenya & Tanzania We spent the evening watching Antelopes, Giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks and Hippos. Who would have thought? #Perlofafrica #Uganda #Africa,” said in the original post.

Ugandans questioned what kind of travel vlogger she was if she couldn’t study the countries she visited and then went online to demonstrate her ignorance. Many Ugandans also called her names and even physically shamed her.

“I’m so ashamed that an African Travel Vlogger is surprised at what the pearl of Africa has to offer. A real vlogger reads about the region. Even the smallest country offers game drives. Actually, this is mockery and disrespectful. You should delete the tweet @misstrudy_,” said Senyange Wilfred.

Kenyans now sided with Miss Trudy and began arguing with Ugandan citizens.

Ugandans were advised to market their tourism destinations overseas since many nations were unaware of Uganda’s tourist attractions-even Kenyans themselves were astonished their close neighbour had such tourism offerings. Some Ugandans shared the same opinion as Kenyans.

“According to last year’s Kenyan tourism report, Ugandans ranked second in supporting the Kenyan tourism industry. This suggests that many Ugandans are more aware of the tourism offerings in Kenya compared to those in Uganda,” said @Lukowoyesigyire.

“Uganda’s tourism is not well marketed. 2. Ugandans have not embraced domestic tourism. I believe if our tourism was well marketed, Uganda would be receiving many more international arrivals than any other country on the continent,” added Christopher Kiiza.

Miss Trudy told Ugandans that she had not intended to hurt or insult the country, but that she was honestly stunned that wildlife safaris were being given in Uganda as her tweet went viral on Sunday and Ugandans took on her, scrutinizing every part of her life. She compared this to being in her 20s and not understanding that there was a desert in northern Kenya despite having been born and reared there. In a video that she also posted, she expressed her anguish and rage at how Ugandans had insulted her and her desire to support Ugandan travel.

Should I know everywhere on this continent? This has just been extremely disappointing. I am being roasted and being made a laughing stock and it is just really painful. This is not the way Ugandans are supposed to welcome you,” said Ms Trudy in part. Following the release of her video, many Ugandans criticized their government for failing to promote their country’s tourist destinations outside of their country and concurred that Ugandans are uninterested individuals who enjoy tormenting. Other Ugandans expressed regret to Miss Trudy for their countrymen’s actions, claiming that they did not reflect the friendliness and culture of their country.