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Tunisia’s mobility startup Kaco secures funding to finalise construction of a production facility

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Tunisia-based mobility startup Kaco has secured a new fundraising round from UGFS North Africa, an esteemed investment fund which has demonstrated its confidence in Kaco’s potential by providing financial backing.

The new round which remains undisclosed will allow Kaco to finalise the construction of a production facility with a capacity of manufacturing a thousand scooters per year..

The collaboration between the startup and the investment fund aims to facilitate the production of Kaco’s innovative electric scooter, called the Orca. This cutting-edge scooter boasts an integration rate surpassing 80 per cent and an impressive range of 100 km. Furthermore, Kaco plans to manufacture the lithium batteries required for the scooters on-site, further enhancing its commitment to local production.

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UGFS North Africa had already invested in Kaco to support research and development activities related to the design of the scooter and batteries. With this new round of fundraising, Kaco is now well-positioned to transition into large-scale production.

UGFS North Africa’s decision to invest in Kaco can be attributed to several compelling factors. The startup has showcased immense potential in the electric scooter market, both in Tunisia and beyond.

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By investing in Kaco, UGFS North Africa seeks to tap into this growth potential and secure a promising position within the rapidly expanding electric mobility sector.

The collaboration between Kaco and UGFS North Africa aligns with the investment fund’s strategic goals.

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 UGFS North Africa aims to support and contribute to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.

By investing in Kaco, a company committed to local production and offering an electric scooter with impressive features, UGFS North Africa actively supports the transition towards eco-conscious mobility solutions.

Kaco’s track record of successful research and development activities in the electric scooter domain has also instilled confidence in UGFS North Africa. The startup has demonstrated its ability to innovate and develop high-quality products, making it an attractive investment opportunity for the fund.

Kaco was founded in 2018 by Salmi Med Ali in Tunisia. Since its inception, the startup has been focused on revolutionising the electric scooter industry by introducing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. While its primary market is Tunisia, Kaco has aspirations to expand its presence beyond national borders and cater to a global audience.

The startup’s flagship product is the Orca, an electric scooter that embodies Kaco’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly transportation. With an integration rate exceeding 80 per cent and an impressive range of 100 km, the Orca stands out in the market. Additionally, Kaco distinguishes itself by manufacturing the lithium batteries required for its scooters in-house, reinforcing its dedication to local production and self-sufficiency.

Kaco has invested significantly in research and development activities to ensure that its scooters meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and safety. The successful collaboration with UGFS North Africa, both in previous investment rounds and the current fundraising initiative, has played a pivotal role in supporting Kaco’s journey from concept to large-scale production.

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