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Kenya’s Kuza Freezer among 8 start-ups selected in the fourth cohort of African Impact Accelerator program

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OceanHub Africa, the  non-profit ocean-impact catalyst, has announced  the fourth cohort of the African Impact Accelerator program, featuring eight incredible ocean-minded startups making waves in the world of sustainability.

The chosen ventures were selected  from 188 applications from 19 different countries across Africa.

According to the firm,  a substantial number of start-ups in this cohort are led and owned by women, underlining the organisation’s commitment to fostering gender diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The new cohort consists of  a diverse range of innovative solutions from repurposing e-waste to using nutritious seaweed, these innovators are shaping a cleaner, greener future for the oceans.

The selected start-ups for OceanHub’s fourth cohort are expected to drive transformative change in various areas related to ocean conservation and sustainability:

Kuza Freezer ,a kenyan-based copany that  offers innovative and low-cost solar-powered freezers to small-scale businesses in the fish value and supply chains, reducing post-harvest losses and increasing daily income sustainably was selected alongside seven other companies.

Other startups selected for the cohort include:Akili  a South Africa company that focuses on plastic and e-waste by repurposing components from broken laptops and transforming PET bottles into recycled 3D filament (rPET) to create entry-level computers, promoting sustainability and digital access.

D-Olivette ,a Nigerian company that pioneers the conversion of household waste into clean energy, organic fertilizer, and reusable water with their innovative Digesters and accessories, contributing to waste management and renewable energy solutions.

Healthy Seaweed Company ,a Tanzanian startup that produces high-quality seaweed-based food products, with a mission to increase local consumption and creating markets for female seaweed farmers, empowering women in coastal communities.

Reef Pulse ,a company that focuses on developing decision-support solutions for coral reef conservation stakeholders through non-intrusive coral reef monitoring using hydrophones, contributing to the preservation of fragile marine ecosystems.

ReNile , an Egyptian company that provides end-to-end solutions for smart farming, with a particular focus on water, air, and soil quality management, leveraging online application models for farming to enhance agricultural sustainability.

Sealife Organics Ltd ,Mauritius-based company that utilises seaweed and green waste to create affordable and organic agricultural products, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.

Tunisa Baits ,a Tunisian company that  introduces marine worms as an alternative and sustainable source of protein feed for aquaculture industries, reducing the ecological impact of traditional feed sources.

 The selected start-ups will receive  support from accelerator team, allowing them to  access  a wide range of networks, services, and resources tailored to their specific needs.

 The support intends to bolster their growth and impact potential, providing them with the necessary tools to create lasting change in ocean-related industries.

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