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How to get ready for medical crises when traveling with Safari-Air Ambulance Medical evacuation

You’ve made your safari reservation and are prepared to pack your bags for your eagerly anticipated trip to Africa in a few days. Since Kenya is the safari capital, your initial destination will be Nairobi.

Following these specific measures will help you be ready for any medical emergency that may arise while you are a tourist in Kenya:

  • Acquire Travel Medical Insurance: Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that will pay for emergency medical care as well as evacuation. Verify if the policy is applicable in Kenya.
  • Become Vaccinated: Give immunizations against diseases including cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, and hepatitis A and B priority. Think about getting additional immunizations against diseases like malaria and Japanese encephalitis, depending on your travel schedule.
  • Bring a First Aid Kit: Make sure the safari operator has a fully stocked first aid kit. Most respectable safari firms and tour operators carry first-aid kits for children in their safari vehicles. The hotels also have first aid supplies in case of accidents or medical situations. Remember to take any prescription drugs that are necessary for any ongoing medical conditions you may have.
  • Copy Insurance Information and Medical Records: Make copies of your insurance information and medical records. In case of an emergency, always have these copies on hand.
  •  Enroll in Medevac or air evacuation service: The majority of Kenya’s tourist destinations are in isolated regions, where the closest hospital might not be adequately prepared to handle an emergency. You are assured an air ambulance service to Nairobi for treatment by air evacuation firms such as Amref Flying Doctors Maisha’s subscription.

Extra Advice:

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– **Awareness of Health Risks**: Be mindful that, being a tropical nation, Kenya poses a danger for diseases including cholera, yellow fever, and malaria. Remain aware of these hazards and adopt the appropriate safety measures.

**Awareness of Health Risks**: To prevent food poisoning, only eat and drink at decent hotels or restaurants.

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