WhatsApp Introduces 30-Day Message Pinning for Streamlined Group Chats


WhatsApp is introducing a feature that allows users to pin messages at the top of their chats for a duration of up to 30 days.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, noted that this feature, already present in its Facebook Messenger app, is currently being rolled out to users, with varying availability.

To utilize this feature, users can long-press a message and select “Pin.”

While the default duration is set at seven days, users have the flexibility to adjust it to either 24 hours or a maximum of 30 days.

“The versatility of this feature allows any message, whether it’s a poll, image, or video, to be pinned. Additionally, in group chats, administrators have the option to make a pinned message visible only to other administrators,” The Verge reported.

Meta envisions this feature as a crucial addition to all direct messaging apps, addressing the challenges of coordinating plans in busy group chats, particularly in iMessage or SMS threads.

With threads often cluttered with fragmented messages, jokes, and GIFs, the ability to pin messages is seen as a much-needed solution to prevent important information from being overlooked.

Meta, in its effort to enhance WhatsApp’s popularity around the world, has been consistently introducing new features.

These additions include privacy-focused elements like self-destructing voice messages and the option to hide locked chats.

Furthermore, Meta recently implemented full-quality image and video sharing for iOS users on WhatsApp earlier this month.