Tanzania’s Dawa Mkononi Receives Funding to Expand Healthcare Access in East Africa


A Tanzanian B2B pharmaceutical company, Dawa Mkononi, is gearing up to expand its reach across East Africa thanks to a fresh round of funding.

The company, whose name translates to “Medicine at your Palms,” has secured financial backing from an impressive consortium of investors, including:Sanofi Global Health Unit Impact Fund, Pontem Vent, Warioba Ventures, Villgro Africa, Axian Group and several other regional venture capitalists.

This vote of confidence from these renowned organizations underlines Dawa Mkononi’s commitment to improving healthcare access across the region.

“The investors’ support underlines their conviction in the company’s vision and will be crucial in expanding our footprint and enhancing healthcare access across Tanzania,” says the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder Joseph Paul.

So, how exactly is Dawa Mkononi tackling the challenge of healthcare access?

Their secret weapon lies in their innovative mobile app, which streamlines the pharmaceutical supply chain for pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals.

Healthcare providers place orders for medications directly through the app.

Dawa Mkononi’s efficient logistics network ensures timely delivery, even to remote areas. The app’s built-in fintech features facilitate secure and transparent payments.

This approach offers several advantages:

Reduced costs and waste: Streamlined ordering and delivery processes minimize inefficiencies and resource wastage.

Improved price stability: The app’s transparency helps combat price fluctuations and ensures fair pricing for medication.

Reduced risk of counterfeits: The secure ordering and payment system minimizes the risk of counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain.

Dawa Mkononi’s impact is already being felt in Tanzania. The company currently serves over 1,000 healthcare enterprises in Dar es Salaam alone, and with the recent funding boost, they are poised to expand their reach even further.

This innovative B2B platform is a shining example of how technology can bridge healthcare gaps and ensure that everyone has access to the essential medicines they need.

Dawa Mkononi’s journey is just beginning, and with continued support, they have the potential to revolutionize healthcare access across East Africa.

The company was founded in 2017.Their mobile app is available in both English and Swahili. The firm has been recognized for its innovative approach by several organizations, including the World Health Organization and the Clinton Global Initiative.