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WhatsApp to Introduce Block Screenshot of Profile Photos Feature

In a bid to bolster user privacy and deter unauthorized sharing of personal images, WhatsApp is set to roll out a groundbreaking update, Block Screenshot of Profile Photos.

This update introduces a feature aimed at preventing users from taking screenshots of others’ profile photos within the app, Wabetainfo reported.

Five years ago, WhatsApp made headlines by removing the option to save other users’ profile photos, ostensibly to protect user privacy.

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However, this move didn’t entirely safeguard users, as individuals could still take screenshots of profile pictures, bypassing the intended privacy protection.

“The latest WhatsApp beta for Android, version, available on the Google Play Store, now introduces a notification system that blocks attempts to screenshot profile photos. Upon trying to capture a profile picture, users will receive a notification indicating that the action has been blocked.”

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This development signifies a significant step forward in ensuring user privacy within the messaging platform.

By implementing this feature, WhatsApp aims to empower users with greater control over who can access and share their profile photos.

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While the new feature provides a layer of defense against casual and unauthorized sharing of profile pictures, it’s important to note that determined individuals can still use secondary devices or cameras to capture the images.

Nevertheless, by impeding direct screenshot functionality, WhatsApp hopes to discourage such practices and foster a culture of privacy and consent among its users.

In a statement regarding the update, WhatsApp emphasized its commitment to safeguarding user data and preventing the misuse of personal information.

“The company acknowledges that profile photos often contain sensitive or personal imagery, and they strive to protect users from potential exploitation or harassment.”

Currently available to select beta testers, the feature to block screenshots of profile photos will gradually roll out to more users.

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu is a Tech enthusiast, happy to delve deeper into the African tech space covering Social Media, AI, Startups, Telcos, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Women in Tech and all matters Tech.

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