Twitter Makes Its “Location Spotlight” Service Available To All Companies Worldwide


All businesses worldwide may now use a new tool made accessible by Twitter to show their geographical address, business hours, and other contact information on their accounts on the social media network.

Users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia formerly had access to the “Location Spotlight” function. To support aspiring businesses on its platform, Twitter is also introducing a new monthly live series called “Taking Care of Business.”

It said in a statement:

“We are proud of the foundation we’ve laid with the initial suite of products we’ve unveiled to date and we’re excited to continue introducing new ways to help professionals achieve business success on Twitter,” it said in a statement.

The “Location Spotlight” function enables brick-and-mortar shop professional accounts to display information on their profiles.

Visitors to a company’s profile can view the updated details.

By tapping the location, a mapping program like Google Maps may provide driving instructions to the store. Businesses, companies, artists, and publishers may “develop and deepen their presence on Twitter” with the help of professional accounts, which provide them with a distinctive and well-defined presence on the site.

The functionality may also be customized by the businesses to highlight the days and hours they want customers to visit their store.