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Forget Nyumba Kumi, Helps You Know Your Neighbors

by Sam Wakoba
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knwRAMP, a startup presenting today at DEMO might be the needed solution the Kenyan government has been looking for.

Instead of introducing Manyumba Kumi, a Know Your Neighbor socialist style in Kenya, RAMP suggests the government take it on to solve the problem of insecurity by using its web app which registers residents and neighborhood associations in both Kenya and Nigeria.

Speaking to TechMoran at DEMO, Babatunde Mo’ Aguda,  lead Developer & Founder of WebRelated Consulting firm behind RAMP said, ” We wanted to fill an existing vaccum we observed in this niche. our aim is to help resident associations automate their members and basic processes instead of using manual records.”

RAMP, meaning Residents Association Management Portal, aims to simplify the management of  neigbourhoods using technology in a move to improve security and accountability among community members  among themselves.

Though RAMP was developed in Nigeria, the two country’s suffer the same urban problems. Lagos has over 20 million residents while Nairobi has over 4 million. Both the cities have issues with insecurity and police will never be enough to man every small movement. Resident associations therefore come in to help residents know each other and manage their own activities.

The Kenyan government recently suggested it will adopt Manyumba Kumi, in a move to help people know each other, for security purposes. Manyumba Kumi may even integrated with the countries credit reference bureau to know people’s details, keep laa and order in the country.

RAMP may monetize by asking for the associations to subscribe or simply pay user licenses. They can also sell the data to property dealers and the government.

According to Babatunde, RAMP works simply, one requires an Internet connected PC or Mobile device, then they can send Bulk SMS Alerts, Email Newsletters, search for members in the members database, check records of levies and dues among other things. Users can also easily communicate with all members of a residents association via both SMS Alerts & Email Newsletters.

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