Kenyans Voice Their Development Goals At ‘#mykenya’ on Social Media


Kenyans have been urged to join the process of creating Sustainable Development Goals, which will succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) next year.

The SDGs to be launched in September 2015 aim to get rid of poverty and work towards better and more equitable nations where all citizens have access to their basic necessities.

Safaricom Head of Corporate Responsibility Sanda Ojiambo encouraged all Kenyans to register their support and ideas towards the initiative through Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #myKenya to raise a voice about the development goals that matter to them.

“Now is the moment for Kenyans via #myKenya to build a swell of encouragement to make sure these goals are as ambitious as possible and truly game-changing for so many around the world. The new set goals will be collaboratively developed and agreed upon by people and their governments. These goals can lead to a world in which people enjoy a life of dignity where basic rights are not just a luxury.”

Ojiambo says through the support and encouragement of all Kenyans will have the mandate pushed further with a variety of goals to be discussed.

“One of the key things about the opportunity about the Sustainable Development Goals is real public private partnership. It’s well acknowledged these days that the public sector is not going to deliver solely on what we need. It’s really all Kenyans, the public sector the private sector and our selves the wananchi that are going to deliver a better Kenya.”

Programme Analyst, UN Millennium Nardos Hagos reiterated saying the creation of the goals will unify the world against its two great challenges of poverty and environmental sustainability.

“We want to inform Kenyans about these SDGs when they come into play are Kenyans happy with them, they will affect everybody’s lives. So we want people to know about them, to be aware of them at least, we want people to engage with them and to hold their government at the local, national international level accountable for what they have agreed to deliver over the next fifteen years,” she said.

“The goals and the areas they cover are key to the social, economic and environmental prosperity of Kenya. Access to quality education for all, health services for all, decent jobs and strong infrastructure these are the things that Kenyans have said matter most to them, and the goals will help ensure we get them.”