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Orange Money & BNP Paribas Launch Retail Mobile Banking Services in Ivory Coast

by Sam Wakoba
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ORANGEToday in Ivory Coast, Orange and the BNP Paribas Group launched a service that will BNP Paribas customers use Orange Money to transfer money to their Orange Money account directly from their BNP Paribas bank account, or vice versa, simply, quickly and securely.

This move is set to be launched in Senegal too and then extended to other African countries in a move expected to make transferring money between bank accounts and mobile accounts easier plus streamline payment for goods and services (water, electricity and television bills, etc.) and purchases of airtime credit.

Thierry Millet, Director of the Payments and Contactless Programme at Orange said,“Orange Money and BNP Paribas are joining forces to deploy Orange Money services to banking customers in their common sales territories in Africa. BNP Paribas customers will thus benefit from Orange Money functionalities such as money transfers, bill payments, merchant payments and purchases of airtime credit. The synergies of our businesses will make it easier for customers to manage their money, wherever they are in the country and at any time of the day.”

Orange Money and BNP Paribas aim to increase the percentage of the population holding bank accounts by offering a fast, secure and reliable service for managing all daily banking operations. Orange Money currently has more than 10 million customers in 13 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Subscription to the Orange Money service is free of charge.

“This agreement gives Orange Money customers access to new banking services (savings account, international bank card, etc.) and gives BNP Paribas customers access to an extensive withdrawal/deposit network and the possibility of paying bills or buying telephone credit from their mobile phones,” adds François Benaroya, Retail Director in the International Retail Banking branch of BNP Paribas.


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