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Nigerian Teenager Builds an Ultrasonic Arduino Robot

by Sam Wakoba
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Elvis Chidera, a 16 year-old from Port Harcourt, Nigeria has build an ultrasonic arduino robot which he says can be controlled using bluetooth, it has an ultrasonic sensor for detecting objects in front of it, it has a led sensor for following black lines and he is adding a camera for its surveillance.
Speaking to TechMoran, Chidera says his dream is to build a solar powered drone that flies anytime to anywhere.
“It has been my child hood dream to build a robot,” he says. “It’s my passion and I aim to use it to teach people some stuff about electronics and probably sell it and get and use the money to get a beta system so as I build a small drone.”

Chidera who says he just loves robotics says his robot has an arduino uno board, an l298n motor driver, 4 DC motors, arduino sensor shield v5.0, bluetooth hc-06, ultrasonic sensor, a servo, rc, an 18650 battery and its holder.

The boy says he began code at 11 years  and knows Java, php, j2me and a little python. In 2012, we featured his bulk SMS app which must have stalled and he has been trying to build something worthwhile after that.  He has posted a video of the robot on Nairaland, Nigeria’s biggest forum.

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