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KabuKabu Image.In Lagos traffic, you either experiencing the discomfort of public buses or incurring high costs of travelling in private cabs.

KabuKabu has launched to provide an alternative.

The new ride sharing platform aims to change the way people move between their home and the office by allowing them to  share taxis  and save up to 70% on fares. This could be workmates, schoolmates or just neighbours leaving work for home or vice versa.

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KabuKabu pools people who are travelling on the same route, at the same time, together instead of them paying normal cab fares or using buses which take long hours before they beat the traffic. KabuKabuis also safe and secure the team says.

Ope Awobotu, Co-founder, KabuKabu says,“Moving between the office and home is an everyday process for professionals and cooperate workers in Lagos, sadly it’s the most stressful of the day’s duties. This is why we have created,ng to give that comfortable and cheap ride for people. There are tax-calling services, but not everyone can afford taxi rides unless they share the cost. We will continue to innovate and improve the service to suit people’s transport needs.”

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Ope says KabuKabu is cheaper than private cabs and users can save as much as 70%. It’ssafer and more convenient than Danfos and BRTs and is environmentally friendly as it eases traffic as car owners can travel with KabuKabu registered cabs instead of driving to work.

“At KabuKabu , it’s our duty and pleasure to take care of your travel issues. You worry about what to wear to work; we’d worry about getting you there!  So if you want to join a cheaper, safer and more convenient ride from home to work, then #movewithKabuKabu,” Ope concluded.

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Now operational, users just need to log on to to book a ride. Those who have a car, and will like to use empty seats to make some extra cash to pay for tollgate, buy fuel can also contact the guys and they’ll hook them up with cool people to ride with.


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