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Nigeria’s TechSQUAD Wants to Make the 2015 General Election the Best

by Sam Wakoba
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nigeria-flag1With only a few months left to the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria, Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) has been working with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and a number of NGOs in a move to use technology to make the next elections as seamless as possible.

The three suggested a number of ideas leveraging technology such as building IT tools for INEC and Nigerian NGOs that will cover the entire election cycle from voter’s registration to voter’s education until the results are announced.

Now, CcHub has launched TechSQUAD, a network of highly skilled and professional software developers, designers and internet security experts who will work with top Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to build and grow innovative IT tools to make the 2015 General Election work.

Arguably the largest single coalition of IT people in Nigeria focusing on one particular subject – the coming elections – and the destiny of our country warrants it. TechSQUAD will rely on mobile phones and what the phones can do – including voice calls in multiple languages, SMS, browsing the Internet and mobile apps.

According to research firm, Nigeria is Africa’s largest mobile market with more than 125 million subscribers and a market penetration of around 75% in early 2014. A large proportion of TechSQUAD’s solutions will be therefore mobile.
In a statement, Co-Creation Hub’s Director of Programmes, Mr. Femi Longe stated “Nigeria has abundant technology talent which should be used to deliver better elections that reflect the true will of the people. Through TechSQUAD, we will be using these skills to support the efforts of NGOs to make sure the outcomes of the 2015 elections are different for a change. We believe properly deployed technology can make the 2015 our best election and we plan to achieve that.”
And there is room for more techies and NGO’s. CcHub says technologists interested in joining the squad and NGOs interested in hiring the squad for their election-related projects can find out more at
TechSQUAD works simply.
SQUAD Generals bid to drive projects commissioned by CSOs as promoted by CcHub then SQUAD Members apply to work with leaders on specific projects. Selected teams submit a workplan and commence with development. After completion of a solution, the client CSO certifies and then payment to the teams is done by CcHub through the SQUAD Generals.
This move is expected to earn generals and members income as they use their code skill to improve Nigeria’s democracy by ensuring transparency, accountability and credibility of the electoral process. You will also get recognition for your contribution, get exposed to new technologies, work with awesome techies and also meet potential collaborators and employees or employers on the next project.

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