Rocket Internet’s CupoNation Launches in Australia


133393-e9e78bc0-c7db-477a-b956-793d8fd43967-4-_2520cuponation_2520australia_2520home_2520page-large-1403105062Everyone loves discounts be it in Africa, Europe or the U.S. Already available in India and other nations, Rocket Internet’s CupoNation, a couponing platform for electronics, fashion, travel, wellness has now gone live in  Australia in a move set to further develop its global presence and enrich the Australian couponing market.

Though no indication yet of launching in Africa, CupoNation offers, deals and vouchers from leading shops for literature, electronics, fashion, travel, wellness, jewellery and other services to help customers find discounts in an easy way and gain a discount of up to 60% on their shopping.

Since the global launch in September 2012 CupoNation helped its visitors to save more than AUD 7.300.000 across the world on a total expenditure of AUD 22.000.000. With promising market potential and high spending potential, CupoNation expects that the number of active visitors on its Australia page will increase exponentially. The platform has 8.000 premium-retailers worldwide.

In a statement, Adrian Renner, co-founder of CupoNation said,“The Australian online couponing market is booming with 110% year over year! Still, according to the Guardian, Australia is simultaneously the 4th most expensive country in the world. Hence, we are keen to help Australians to live a bit less expensive by offering coupons and discounts on fashion, electronics and beauty.”

133394-d2601cf2-bebd-41ef-a6e7-d496bc9ccec8-2-_2520cuponation_hd_logo_jpg_2014-large-1403105062Founded in 2012 by Adrian Renner, Andreas Fruth and Gerhard Trautmann and is now available in Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Russia, Brazil, India, Switzerland as well as Australia. CupoNation offers all available deals and coupons of a country on its respective website. Each coupon is available without cost and registration. The platform offers coupons and vouchers of leading online retail shops.