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Samsung May Ditch Qualcomm 810 Chip For Its Own Exynos Chips

Qualcomm Chips

Word has it that the next S series of the Samsung phone will not be using the Qualcomm Snapdragon, but it will have the company’s own Exynos chips instead.

The electronic company says that the decision to stop using the brand is attributed to the processor overheating during Samsung’s testing. Samsung is widely predicted to unveil a new Galaxy S phone at the Mobile World Congress show in March.

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Still, there is no confirmation of this piece of information as Qualcomm has not yet confirmed or denied. However, If the report is accurate, Qualcomm would have lost a high-profile design win in a flagship Samsung phone.

This will also mean that the chip company will not sell the new 810 chip, which was made for use in high-end mobile devices, just as Qualcomm is starting to market it. The report also comes at a difficult time for Qualcomm, with the company’s stock already depressed amid a long-standing anti-monopoly investigation in China.

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Along with making phones, TVs and other electronics, Samsung is the second-largest maker of computer chips in the world, and it’s making a bigger push with its chip line, called Exynos. It uses those chips in its phones in some regions already, though usually puts Snapdragon chips in its phones sold in the US.

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