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Zuku #Unstoppable Live Streaming just got Real!

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You don’t ever need to worry about your data getting exhausted! That is in the past now thanks to Zuku fiber unlimited internet.  Zuku fiber unlimited internet now offers you a chance  to stream live and watch all movies you want, watch all the latest and dopiest songs released, seems like your Friday form just got better with Zuku.

Zuku customers will be able to access unlimited internet usage throughout the day and night 24/7 at an affordable fixed monthly subscription fee unlike other internet broadband services who once you data runs out you are in the cold.

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Here is how it works! The fair use policy is a means to monitor and control Zuku international bandwidth capacity to give all users fair access to the available capacity

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FUP continuously monitors the consumed volumes per customer in megabytes and the during peak usage hours the fair use policy only reduces the speed for those customers who have already consumed large volumes of data allowing other users to access internet unimpeded. Every month on a set date the volume’s account of all users is set to zero enabling all users to start afresh on a clean slate.

Zuku does not limit the time connected to the internet or the overall download/upload volume of any user since Zuku local bandwidth is not shared or contended and therefore allows its clients to enjoy maximum speeds at the quoted internet bandwidth.

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