Edusko is Helping Parents Access Good and Affordable Schools for their Children


Founded in June, 2015, Edusko is an online marketplace that connects middle and high income earning families with good and affordable private schools in Nigeria and beyond.

The platform enables parents to easily compare available schools and make their choice, and also has systems in place to verify listed schools.

Edusko was founded by a team of 4 young education marketing professionals and programmers, with Jide Ayegbusi and Deji Ajala as co-founders, and they believe that the services provided on Edusko also have an indirect impact on the nation’s GDP. The logic is that since quality education could easily be found on their platform, Nigerian parents might no longer have to travel abroad in search for it.

According to co-founder, Jide Ayegbusi, “one of our major competitive advantages is the affordability of the schools on our platform. Parents get huge discounts on their children’s school fees even from the leading international schools”.

Over 2000 parents are already making use of Edusko’s current pool of over 3000 listings to find good and affordable schools for their wards, and besides Nigeria, the platform directory also extends to South Africa, Ghana, Canada, and the UK.