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When it comes home repair service, many Nigerian would relate to the fact that it’s usually a really challenging task to get skilled repairmen who are also not full of disappointment. You’ll probably find one when you need his service, but he ends not knowing the job. And in the case when you find one who is skilled at the job, he just might not show up.

This problem is what Igwe Stanley plans to solve with WeFix, an online platform that connects service providers (WeFixers) and Service consumers (Consumer). In his words, “First, you don’t find them when you need them. secondly, you cannot be entirely sure whether they will show up, and lastly, the quality of their service.”

The WeFix service is currently being run in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, with plans in place to expand to other Nigerian cities.

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Unlike the regular model we find with online service delivery platforms, which is simply just to connect service providers with consumers, users register on the WeFix platform, and have their damaged home appliances picked up for repair and delivered once this is done. The WeFix team also revealed that they have workshops where technicians (WeFixers) are professionally and specifically trained for different appliances and brands and certified to be skilled enough before they are assigned duties.

On how the platform is performing, Igwe Stanley revealed, “Since we launched in July 2016, we have had over 150+ bookings. Customers appreciate the fact that they can just book for a repair and it will be picked up, fixed and delivered back to them at the comfort of their homes by professionals, with guarantee on the fixing”.

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WeFix is not the first online repair service provider in Nigeria, as there’s RepairAm, offering gadget repair service, but similar model – pickup and delivery; WeSabi is also connecting workers, who register on the platform with consumers who need commercial and domestic needs. The startup is no doubt still enjoying its monopoly, as it currently is the only online home repair services catering to Port-Harcourt residents.


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