Flip is Making Books and Comics Available to Mobile Subscribers in Nigeria


With our digital world, it’s now more common to find people holding and staying glued to their phones than a book. People are getting more comfortable reading online, and Nigeria’s Imagine Concept has decided to take advantage of this by launching Flip, a digital pocket-friendly library.

Imagine Concepts Limited (iConcepts) is a leading provider of mobile content, marketing and technology solutions, e-Library solution in Nigeria and they aim to use Flip to make local books and comics more accessible to the end user and promote the local reading culture.

Claimed to be Africa’s first digital library, Flip  offers mobile data subscribers access to the largest collection of authoritative Nigerian e-Book and comic content on all major mobile devices and desktop platforms. It also provides local publishers a platform to effectively distribute and monetize their content whilst combating privacy.

On the platform, users can bookmark their comics, save books for reading at a later time, manage their subscriptions, and even publish their own content on the platform. Users simply subscribe by paying with their mobile airtime, which is currently limited to Etisalat Nigeria network. The Flip team have revealed that there are plans to roll out to other telecoms in the country in the coming months.

According to Tony Dada, General Manager of VAS, Imagine Concepts, “As today’s consumers (and readers) increasingly use tablets, smart phones and laptops as part of their everyday life, they need more flexible and cost-effective ways to use and share books, comics and magazines”.

“Working with multiple content partners and mobile operators, we’ve created Flip so our customers have quick mobile or desktop access to more local eBooks and comics than any other source, along with the ability to pay their library subscription fees with their mobile airtime.”