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PINC is an App That’ll Better Help You Understand Your Neighborhood

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Chuka Ikokwu, a tech enthusiast, realized  that the mobile and tech space experienced technology gaps between continents. It is well-documented fact that the African continent has not kept pace with technological advancement. Africa’s technological gap could be the source of its increasing economic deterioration because other developing regions are constantly upgrading their own technological capabilities, and the global marketplace has become increasingly liberalized and competitive.

He vowed to do everything he could to use mobile technology to connect people in developing markets in order to democratize local knowledge. This is how PINC was born. PINC is a mobile company that recently launched an app that lets users from anywhere in the world ask location-based questions like “What is traffic like using the Lagos-Ikoyi bridge in the mornings?” or “Where’s a decent place to get a haircut if I just moved to Ikoyi?” They are looking to start their first major market in Naija

The reason he set his sights on Nigeria is because Nigeria has the highest smartphone penetration rate in Africa and an eager crowd-sourcing community, plus it’s a tech hub, much like Kenya.

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What makes them unique is that location-based Q&A is their focus, unlike products/apps like Yelp, Google, NextDoor, and Quora. They seek fundraising and more information can be found of them here.

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