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Google’s GBoard Keyboard update now lets you access Maps and YouTube within the app

Google seems to have an app for all essential functions of Android phones, from Keep for note taking, to Pixel launcher and even a keyboard app. All these products try to bring customers to key Google money-makers such as the search engine and YouTube. That objective remains true even in today’s update of Google’s Gboard Keyboard app.

The Gboard keyboard comes with a ‘G’ button that has all the Google magic packed in it. If you want to share your location with a friend, the G button will help you thanks to its integration to Google maps. Right from the keyboard you can share your location without having to go back and forth between the Maps app and the messaging one.

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The same convenience was extended to sharing videos. The ‘G’ button will help you “look up a video” from YouTube directly from within the keyboard app. You can just as easily share videos with those you are chatting with. Search results from Google are also supported.

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Apart from the integration of YouTube, Maps and Google Search, the update also brings doodling and new languages; they include Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.

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Dennis Mathu
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