YouTube To Limit Video Quality Worldwide For One Month


YouTube is reducing video quality for the next one month to ease traffic during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. All YouTube users will see videos in standard definition.

Video streaming has surged in the past weeks. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of people are either working from home or have no work at all resolving to stream at most all the time.

Typically, video streaming requires more internet bandwidth than music and other applications.

The company has already initiated the policy in Europe. Regulators have asked major streaming service providers like Netflix to reduce their bandwidth usage. The commission is concerned about the impact on online education and remote work if there is a spike in demand for digital services. Basically because of the quarantine.

“Notably, at this time, the world needs more capacity for almost everything crucial to saving lives. And the Internet is one of those key elements in keeping people alive. With people around the world at home and using their Internet to communicate, work, and play games, it’s leaving precious few resources for areas that need it most.”

Other major companies, like Facebook, Apple, and  Amazon, have taken the same initiative, and are currently doing the same in Europe. for instance, Netflix and  Disney+  have opted to limit the bandwidth to prevent users from experiencing skipping and buffering in the case o any surges in the usage.

“We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the globe. To do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation,” Google said in a statement.

Elsewhere. Sony and Microsft have also devoted to reducing download speeds from for their video games. An effort to help preserve access for the entire internet community. Most People are self-isolating and relying on internet access more and more for daily life.

Google has as well taken a proactive measure to suppress bogus content revolving around the coronavirus pandemic.