Maximizing Your CBD: 5 Methods


If you’re a CBD user, you’re probably always looking for ways to maximize your experience with your oils, tinctures, gummies, or however you get your dose. If you’re like most CBD users, you love taking CBD and the incredible benefits it offers; but what if you could get more from your CBD? 

Here we’ll discuss five ways to maximize your CBD experience by taking it at specific times or after specific activities. CBD oil is a powerful ally to have in your daily health regimen, and with few CBD oil side effects, it’s the perfect natural supplement for building up your personal healthy lifestyle. Here are five methods to maximize your CBD experience! 

1. Take CBD First Thing In The Morning

One of the best ways to maximize your CBD intake is by taking it first thing in the morning. You can take CBD oils or gummies with breakfast, or put CBD oil in your favorite drinks, smoothies, or morning meals. 

Love fried eggs? Drizzle some CBD oil on top of the finished egg. Need coffee first thing? Put your CBD oil dose in your coffee and add sugar. 

CBD oil is especially flexible, being food and drink-friendly. You can even buy specific flavors to match whatever you’re eating/drinking. If you like vanilla creamer in your coffee, you can get vanilla CBD oil to match it, so you won’t even taste the oil. 

If you like chocolate peppermint cookies, you can buy peppermint CBD oil to match the taste. There are dozens of flavor varieties available on the market.

Taking CBD first thing in the morning will allow it time to digest and kick in by the time you get to work or start your day. This way, you’re starting the day off with less anxiety, more energy, and a focus that will benefit you all day long. 

2. Take CBD Before Bed

Another great way to get your CBD oil and maximize your experience is to take it before you go to bed. Many CBD users actually take their oil or edibles right before better for a longer, more beneficial night of sleep. CBD helps calm both the mind and the body, eases pain and inflammation, and helps with focus. 

If you’re struggling to get to sleep, sometimes only a few minor adjustments can help. If you combine CBD with a more calming nightly routine, you might find that your sleep quality increases tenfold. 

Some tips for getting better sleep include turning off electronics an hour before sleep, reading a book before bed, finding the right mattress for your specific comfort needs, stick to a strict sleep schedule, and avoiding heavy meals right before bed. 

Sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle, and when you introduce CBD into your nightly routine, you’re bolstering your health regimen and giving yourself the edge to excel the next day. 

3. Use CBD After A Workout 

CBD after a workout? Does that really work? CBD is used by athletes and gym-goers all over the world for their post-workout supplement, and when you understand how CBD works, it makes perfect sense. 

CBD is not only a natural painkiller (for those sore muscles), but it’s also an anti-inflammatory agent (also for those sore muscles). When you work out, your muscles become inflamed, and this can cause plenty of soreness and discomfort for days after an intense workout. 

Some users even report that CBD helps them rest and focus after a workout. CBD is a calming agent as well as an anti-inflammatory agent, so once you’re done pumping iron, you can ease into the rest of your day and get your focus back. 

With exercise and CBD combined, you’ll find that you have more energy, focus, and a clearer mind. Exercise gets the blood pumping, and since CBD is a vasodilator, it opens up blood vessels for healthier blood flow. It’s almost like CBD was made for workouts! 

4. Take CBD On An Empty Stomach

Taking CBD on an empty stomach can help it absorb into the body quicker since digestion takes a long time. If you’re taking oils via food or getting your CBD via edibles, you’ll find that it can take up to a few hours to actually feel any effects. 

When you eat a big meal with your CBD, it can actually take longer, since you’ll be trying to digest all of that food as well as the CBD. Try to keep your meals light when using CBD, or, in lieu of a light meal, take CBD on a completely empty stomach. 

You’ll find that many CBD products actually have this recommendation on the packaging. It’s a simple tip, but a great way to maximize how your body uses the CBD to its advantage. 

5. Choose The Right Delivery Method

Speaking of eating your CBD, according to Penguin CBD, the way you get CBD into your body also affects whether or not you’re maximizing the experience. As we’ve already covered, eating a big meal with your edible CBD can make the digestion process slower, and your CBD will take longer to get into your system. 

Some people choose to take their CBD under the tongue for a quicker effect, but this also doesn’t last as long as digesting the CBD. Topicals are generally recommended for localized pain or discomfort or skincare, but you certainly won’t get the same effects from putting CBD on the skin as you would by ingesting it. 

When you ingest CBD or put it under your tongue, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream via digestion or the blood vessels under your tongue. 

Tailor your delivery method to suit your specific needs; if you need a longer effect from your CBD, take it in the morning with your breakfast. If you’re looking for a quick or localized effect, try CBD topicals or oils under the tongue instead. 


Maximizing your CBD intake is simple when you understand how it’s absorbed in the body. Taking CBD in the morning or before bed can have very specific effects throughout the day (or night). 

How you take your CBD matters and can make your experience more or less satisfactory depending on your body chemistry and habits.