Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Lenovo launches new Global Partner Hub for its business partners

by Val Lukhanyu
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Lenovo has launched a new Global Partner Hub that marks an important step in the company-wide multi-year digital transformation programme for business partners.

The partner Hub launched on July 27th in select geographical regions reaffirms Lonovo’s commitment to fostering greater collaboration between business channel partners and Lenovo sales teams across business groups including Lonovo intelligent Device Group’s PCs and Smart Devices (PCSD) and the Data Center Group (DCG)

The integrated portal will serve as a one-stop-shop designed to better enable channel partners to grow their business at significantly greater speed and consistency. The Lenovo Partner Hub will provide a single access point to tools, resources and intelligent, personalized information that is most relevant to the partner’s needs, geographic markets and past history.

It will also provide a unified, consistent experience bringing together intelligent pricing, digital co-selling and digital process.

“The Lenovo Partner Hub empowers our business partners with an improved experience, greater productivity and increased sales velocity designed to dramatically accelerate their business. The new portal is a testament to Lenovo’s long-term commitment to the success of our partners and a milestone in our digital transformation journey,” said Jammi Tu, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo.

“The Lenovo Partner Hub is yet another example of our ‘Channel First’ strategy and is designed to help our partners deliver a better experience for their customers by providing them with the insight, tools and pricing to deliver superior solutions in less time with greater value,” said Wilfredo Sotolongo, Chief Customer Officer, Lenovo Data Center Group.

The Hub includes a personalized portal that allows partners to see the materials and information relevant to their business per specialized roles, including a personalized Sales Performance Dashboard. This dashboard provides a snapshot of sales performance and KPI tracking for improved visibility and efficiency.

The Lenovo Bid Platform is another feature of the Partner Hub. It serves as a pricing engine for partners supporting both PCSD and DCG. Overall, the Lenovo Partner Hub provides easy access to leads, product catalogues, deal registration, deal protection and new customer bonus and discount codes.

Lenovo is committed to improving the partner experience, elevating productivity and speeding up sales to accelerate revenue growth and profitability.

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