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Snapchat will let you share content outside the app

by Val Lukhanyu
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Snapchat is testing on a feature that will let users share stories outside of its app. Users will share “Snap Originals,” “Shows” and “Publisher Stories” with their friends off the platform using easily shareable links.

The update follows Snapchats recent push to have users share their own stories on other platforms and also expands snaps audience. The links, when shared via other social media sites, iMessage, email or elsewhere, will take users back to watch the videos in the Snapchat app or to a web or mobile web-viewing experience

A Snapchat spokesperson confirmed the experiment, to Axios: “We’re always exploring ways to make it even easier to view Snapchat’s engaging and topical content and share it with your friends”

Additionally, Snapchat users will be able to share “Our Stories,” photos and videos submitted from different Snapchatters within a certain community that are collected and categorized by Snapchat. The stories can be especially newsy during breaking news events, like hurricanes or protests.

Besides that, Snapchat is also testing a re-brand of its personalized content “For You”. The new feed will be called Spotlight and will feature content from snap creators, premium content and curated snap stories

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