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Benefits of Wood Fences

by Intizar Ali
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Modern property owners have far more options than their predecessors when it comes to fencing materials. Despite the proliferation of man-made materials available in today’s markets, a surprising number of homeowners still prefer natural wood. Read on to find out why homeowners can have fences of whatever style.

Plenty of Style Choices

Since wood has been used as a building and landscaping material for centuries, homeowners who want to buy a wood fence have a stunning array of stylistic options.

They include:

  •  Elegant Gothic boards
  • French Gothic style
  • Rustic Dog Ear fencing
  • Flat Top designs
  • Rail fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Security fences
  • Ease of Installation

Wood fences are easy to install compared to some materials, which means homeowners and their families will have to deal with less disruption to their daily routines. Professional contractors can cut everything off-site then bring all the materials and tools they need to the client’s home so they can install the fence incredibly fast. Once the installation is complete, homeowners can start taking advantage of all the benefits of their new fences immediately.

Wood Fences Are Easy to Customize

Wood is easy to customize. It can be cut to size quickly and efficiently, so homeowners can have fences of different heights and can trim some panels to be lower if they want to maintain views. They can also speak with their fencing contractors about different gate widths, or even match their fences to accessories like wood flower boxes or raised garden beds to bring the landscape together.

Once the fence has been installed, handy homeowners can do the work required to make minor alterations like changing the paint or stain by themselves. This opens up tons of possibilities in regards to DIY home improvement projects. Homeowners can easily paint or stain their fences to better match their landscape or exterior paint and trim, or can even get creative and paint them to match seasonal decorations.

Environmental Friendliness

Wood is an all-natural, renewable resource. It doesn’t need to be manufactured in a factory using all kinds of chemicals, and eco-friendly homeowners will find that there are plenty of stabilizers and preservatives available to protect their fences from insect and water damage without adversely affecting the soil or groundwater. Plus, when a wood fence has outlived its usefulness, it can be disassembled and repurposed or disposed of without causing unnecessary ecological harm. Just make sure to work with a vendor that sources materials from lumber companies known for their sustainable practices.

Short-Term and Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Wood fences are less expensive than their wrought-iron, vinyl, and aluminum alternatives. They’re also less costly to maintain. While property owners can repaint their fences frequently if they so wish, budget-conscious homeowners can also expect their treated wood fences to last for decades without the need for repainting or re-staining.

Ease of Maintenance

Treated wood fences are easy to maintain. All homeowners need to do is wash them down periodically and scrub off stubborn dirt or stains. There’s no need to buy specialty products for painted fences. Some biodegradable soap diluted in water will do the trick just fine paired with a garden hose to rinse everything down. Just make sure to let the fence dry before painting or staining it when performing more substantial forms of maintenance.

Ease of Repairs

Most wood fences last for decades without needing any substantial repairs. When the day comes that the fence does need a little help, though, homeowners are still in luck. They can have individual panels or posts replaced without having to worry about how it will affect the rest of the fence. The same goes for gates and latches, which can also be replaced quickly and easily by fencing contractors. Ideally, homeowners will be able to enlist the same contractors who installed the fence to perform repairs. To better match their landscape or exterior paint and trim, or can even get creative and paint them to match seasonal decorations. -You can even use an airbrush to paint finely or artistically on the wood fence. Airbrush kits are widely available nowadays, but you can visit this link here to help you find what you need

Perfect for Privacy

While some fencing materials offer practically no privacy, wood can go either way. Rural landowners who just want to keep livestock or large dogs from wandering off can install simple rail fences, while those who live in the city and want to create some extra privacy can install solid panels. These panels can be as tall as homeowners want and they’re completely opaque, so there’s no need to worry about nosy neighbors.

Pet and Child Safety

Most fences offer some level of added pet and child safety by keeping little ones in the yard and keeping intruders out. Wood privacy fences go a step beyond by providing privacy, increased security, and an all but impenetrable wall to prevent the escape of very small or clever pets. Plus, this natural material doesn’t pose health risks to children or pets who play close to the fence.

Placement Versatility

Fences aren’t just for designating property lines. Wood fences also make great additions to pool areas and patios. Since homeowners need to create barriers around areas like pools, trampolines, and outdoor kitchens that could pose a danger to local children wandering through the neighborhood, they can use that as an excuse to improve the aesthetics of their yards at the same time by opting for wood instead of metal or chain link.

Increased Property Value

Installing a wood fence in the back or front yard can increase the home’s property value, so homeowners can think of it as an investment. Whether they plan on selling soon or just want to get some extra equity out of their properties, wood fencing provides a good return on investment. It can also make unexceptional properties that might otherwise be difficult to sell in a buyer’s market seem more appealing. Just think about it: potential buyers will appreciate the many benefits of a professionally installed wood fence just as much as the current residents.

Learn More Today

Still not sure if wood fencing is the right option? Read more about it at Get Router Table The best thing to do is to speak with a dedicated fencing contractor that works with multiple materials. He or she can answer questions, provide estimates, and help property owners choose the solution that will be best for their unique situations.

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