Instagram Has A Made A Policy Change That Will now Be Allowing Some Nudes

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Instagram has now introduced a new policy change that will now be allowing some nudes.

Since Instagram was created they’ve always had a strict rule against nudity and profanity in general. Their guidelines are pretty clear on what is allowed and what is not. When people have broken these rules their accounts have been removed and in other cases suspended permanently.

Nudity introduced.

For some time people have managed to get away with nudity depending on the kind of photos they post and how well they hide some areas. However, after a week long campaign led by a British plus-size model who had images of her covering her breasts with her arms removed, Instagram has been forced to bend their rules.

Nyome Nicholas-Williams photos removed.

When Miss Nyome’s photos were pulled down she classified it as racist and said that the Instagram algorithm seemed to have some sort of bias towards coloured women. Because of Nyome, women will now be allowed to post photos where they are allowed to wrap their arms around their breasts which is a big deal for social media.

A spokesperson from Instagram confirmed this saying:

It may take some time to ensure we’re correctly enforcing these new updates, but we’re committed to getting this right.