Instagram Launches New Feature Called ‘Guides’ Which Allows Creators To Share Tips In A Dedicated Tab For Their Users


Instagram has launched a feature called ‘guides’ which allows creators to share tips in a dedicated tab for their users.

‘Guides’ was initially created with the intent of helping mental health content creators spread share longer-form content in a dedicated tab. However, the company has now decided to roll out the feature for all creators including products and posts. The company also announced that they are working on their search engine which will now direct users to their interests.

This is how a guide works.

Instead of writing long captions you can now actually create longer content with visuals that are just like blog posts which would help users stay on Instagram longer and would understand your content even further. The idea is pretty smart because now instead of having to post external websites you can actually create the equivalent to a blog post that would lead to people browsing on Instagram for all the content they need. Creators can now even share their guides on stories and even on direct messages.

The new search update will be available in be available the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Currently Instagram users are able to search using names, usernames, hashtags and locations however with the new updated search they will be able to use keywords that will bring content that is related to the users interests. This new approach is quite smart as it even eliminates the need to Google some things.