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Octopizzo Hurls Insults At Fans After Being Accused Of Using An iPhone To Promote Infinix

by Vanessa Waithera
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Octopizzo hurled insults at fans after being accused of using an iPhone to promote infinix.

Kenyan celebrities are something else but good thing Kenyans on social media never fail to keep them on their toes. Brands work with celebrities to promote their products in hope that they will not only bring awareness but will also increase conversions. Kenyan celebrities tend to think that when they run ads or promote products we don’t notice how they do so. You see most social media users wants Kenyan celebs to actually promote brands that they actually use and not for the sake of it. These celebrities are usually paid a lot of money to promote these products but they still end up using their competitors brands.

Dj Moh was also accused of using an iPhone to promote Oppo.

You would think that these celebrities would try a little harder to be professional but instead they prove to be entitled. Mr Moh tweeted and wrote “lovely phone indeed, kwanzaa the features” this was his tweet promoting Oppo but lo and behold Kenyans noticed the tweet was sent out using an iPhone.

Of course Dj Moh could not send out a simple apology or accept his mistake but as usual he made it seem as if people are always out to attack him.

Moving on to Octopizzo.

Octopizzo had only one job, that was to promote the Infinix Note 8, you would think being paid to tweet about something is an easy job but a Kenyan celebrity is more likely to ruin that for a brand. His tweet promoted the phone but it was shared using an iPhone, so you wonder why they work to promote phones that they don’t even use. If they only believe in iPhones then they should perhaps look for the people responsible to endorse them.

Anyways, below was Octopizzo’s very rude response:

You would think that infinix would issue a statement and immediately strip this guy off his brand ambassador title but instead they shared the tweet that was shared from an iPhone. This goes to show just how desperate brands are for these celebrities and their constant need for clout as they risk their brand’s reputation.

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