6 Alternative Apps To TikTok That Might Even Be Better


These are the alternative apps to tiktok that might even be better.

I’ve been scouring the web for apps like TikTok and mainly because I prefer apps that make it easier to edit fun and engaging videos without doing so much. TikTok is a wonderful app that has taken the world by surprise by how much entertainment it has to offer, however there are other apps to explore.


Lomotif was initially launched for iOS only, but the app eventually made its way to Android. Its functioning is similar to TikTok: you can edit videos with tools like trim, slow motion, zoom in, zoom out, and more. Background music and effects can also be added to further enhance its quality. To truly hit the mark, use the plethora of beauty filters, stickers, and emojis to attract a fan base. Showcasing your talent on this app will gain you followers and allow you to make friends. You can also collaborate with other friends to create videos with a wider reach.

Another interesting feature of Lomotif is the Birthday and New Year. Creating a video on these occasions boosts your profile and increases your social media presence.


Another app similar to TikTok, Cheez operates in an almost identical fashion. Edit your videos within the app, add background score, peppy filters and more to engage with your user base.

Unlike TikTok, Cheez focuses on vlogging aspects as well, not just dancing, singing, and comedy. The app also has a reward system, where the users earn a prize on getting a certain number of followers or if their posts go viral. If you simply like to watch the talented folks on this platform rather than participate, you will still get rewarded!

Cheez also allows you to challenge other users to ‘battles’ where you can test your talents against each other. Don’t forget to try out Dance-off while you’re at it. Its an in-app game meant to further engage the users.


LIKE is another standard video-editing app that’s slowly gaining popularity. It functions like TikTok and lets you lip-sync to music and dialogues, creating short, witty and funny videos.

You can also stitch several videos to make one long clip. Add filters and stickers to make the video more appealing and amass more followers. Add further effects like slow motion or speed up your video according to your taste.

The only issue you might face being a LIKE user is that you can’t go live if you’re a new user. There is a leveling system in place for that. Barring this minor nuisance, everything else works just fine.


FUNIMATE is another run of the mill social media app like TikTok. Lip-syncing to songs, dramatic dialogues, and funny jokes is the norm here—something TikTok users will already be familiar with. Add slow motion effects, emojis, texts, and more to make it more appealing to the masses.

Loop videos are another common trend on FUNIMATE, not unlike Instagram. Collaborations with other users get you more followers and a better online presence. To make things more interesting, participate in challenges, contests, and special events to stand out.

5. Firework

If you want to escape herd mentality and want to do something unique, Firework is the place for you. Its functions are similar to TikTok, but the focus is more on the quality of the videos than the number of followers. So, with just the right clip and content, you can become a sensation. Trim, edit, crop, add background score, and more with the help of the amazing in-app editing tool. Lip-syncing to music and all that jazz is still popular here, but done with better taste.

It is crucial to follow the latest viral trends when making videos on Firework. If you play your cards just right, you could win cash prizes. There are weekly video challenges with a mighty reward, further encouraging users to interact with the app regularly. So if you have a unique skill and you can grasp the pulse of the audience, Firework is the app for you.

6.Music video show

Music Video Show, also known as Video Show, is another app that is gaining popularity in the online community. Not only can you shoot and edit videos, but you can do it all under a minute. With thousands of inbuilt music options to choose from, you’ll always have something fun and intriguing to experiment with. You can also check out millions of interesting viral videos posted by various users here.

While TikTok is more focused on creating and following trends, Music Video Show is focused on what its name suggests: Adding music to videos. Sure, it isn’t as fancy as TikTok or the other apps on this list, but it does its job. Where Music Video Show gains points is simplicity. With its smooth interface, it’s easy to shoot videos and add scores to the same. If you are new to this field and just looking to dabble at the moment, this app is perfect for you.