Instagram Makes Its Story Feature On Desktop More Complete


Instagram has made it’s story feature on desktop more complete.

When was the last time you actually checked your Instagram account on your desktop? it’s probably been a while but probably because you couldn’t access all the features that a phone has.

So far you can check Instagram content quite easily you may use it to review posts you have already made, quickly check your friend’s stories and now you can send messages too. For social media influencers and managers, it’s perfect for constantly checking on how your posts are doing (on a bigger screen) and also to reply quickly to comments and messages.

Now you can check stories on the desktop.

The company is updated its Stories feature so that it opens up to show a carousel of videos, which previews what’s cued up next and the content that just played. From this interface, viewers can click on whatever story they want to watch. It’s sort of like if the tiny circles at the top of users’ feeds went bigger and full-screen.

This is a minor change, but it rounds out the desktop feature and makes it more appealing to use, especially as people are on their computers more frequently while working from home. For the most part, Instagram has left Stories unchanged for years. The format is the same as always, with posts being ephemeral.

You can now send messages.

This is a feature that many were waiting for. This is the one that opens the doors for influencers and media managers. Being able to send and receive messages on Instagram is a real life saver.

The rest are pretty minimal including stickers for small business but they do make your stories and links a more exciting. Try it out and tell us what you think.