KeNIC Adjusts Domain Registration and Renewal Prices

KeNIC domain prices

The .ke domain registry KeNIC has moved to harmonize the registration and renewal prices of the third level .ke (such as and the second level .ke domain extensions.

The prices which affect Kenyan domain registrars will see the .ke going for KShs 2500 and the domain at KShs 700 exclusive of VAT. This will be for both the renewal and the registration of the said domain names.

KeNIC domain prices

Previously, the third level domain was sold by KeNIC to domain registrars in Kenya for KShs 560 and renewed at Khs 1000 (exclusive of VAT), making it less competitive to the .com domain which renews at a lower price. The second level .ke domain was offered to registrars at Kshs 5000 and renewed at the same price.

The new prices affect KeNIC approved domain registrars and could see an increase in uptake of the .ke domains, if these benefits are passed on to domain registrants.

Keeping KeNIC Domain Prices Low

While KeNIC has been working to promote the uptake of .ke domain names in Kenya, the uptake of the same faces competition from other domain names from global TLDs such as .COM. Currently, there are over 102,000 domains registered with KeNIC, with 92% of those being the domains.

By lowering the prices, it is likely that more Kenyans will opt to take the .ke domain names. The move is also likely to improve the renewal rate of ,ke domain names.