Kenyan Man Who Has Been Running A Fake Instagram Smartphone Account Has Been Arrested


A Kenyan man who has been running a fake Instagram smartphone account has been arrested.

Buying things online can be tricky because it’s a place where people like Victor Maina can easily thrive. Mr Maina has been defrauding Kenyans online as he was posing as an Instagram dealer in high-end mobile phones and associated products.

You would think that the conman would stop at one account but Victor owned several accounts which included Bakcell Apple store and Netsol Apple store, he clearly chose to only “sell” Apple products since they are quite expensive but every thief has 40 days and in this case the DCI arrested him.

After members of the public complained the DCI tweeted and wrote:

They also advised the public:

“Members of the public are advised not to purchase products from unverified traders. This is especially since most of them are now flooding the online market and taking advantage of users.”

DCI now have a toll line where you can report any criminal or suspicious activities and particularly those that are happening around your area. We would strongly advise you to never pay for anything before seeing the item and always order your products from credible websites. Check what people are saying about the site, do your research and avoid the frauds at all costs.