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Telkom Kenya Follows Suit By Increasing Call, SMS And Data Rates

by Vanessa Waithera
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Telkom Kenya has followed suit by increasing call, SMS and data rates.

The last week has been a bit of an adjustment for many companies and Kenyan citizens after the newly amended Finance Bill was announced. In case you’re not aware there was a rise in the excise duty from 15% to 20% on both internet and call rates, since then we’ve all been waiting to see what the telcos companies will do and Telkom has given us an announcement.

As of yesterday July 6th, 2021 Telkom’s headline price for the Pay-As-You-Go Telkom-to-Telkom Voice will increase to KES 2.78. Pay-As-You-Go Voice price for off-net calls will also rise to KS 4.30. Additionally, the cost to
send an SMS within the Telkom network and across other networks will be KSh.1.15cts. For those who have to browse the prices for mobile data will increase to KES 4.50 per MB. Luckily, the prices for both Voice and Mobile Data bundles prices will not be affected.

What other companies are doing.

As we wait to see what adjustments other companies will make, Airtel also revealed their new rates which are the most similar to Telkom at the moment.

The largest stakeholders who are the Kenyan citizens were not amused by the new changes and have expressed their dissatisfaction with the government. This digital service tax was at first only meant to affect foreigners operating in the country but now this new move will widely affect the millions of Kenyans who have invested in the online business and have done so in hopes that they will not have to turn to physical shops to save money.

How has this new move affected you?

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