TikTok launched Stories. Like Instagram, but still in test mode


In June, Instagram users were given the opportunity to create short videos – Reels. The function was called the “analogue” of TikTok. A month later, TikTok announced testing Stories – just like on Instagram.

British social media consultant Matt Navarra was the first to notice the changes and talk about it on Twitter. He posted a screenshot from an app labeled “Introducing TikTok Stories”: for tiktok likes and view.

Stories on TikTok will work like Instagram, disappearing 24 hours after publication. The button for their creation will be located on the side vertical panel on the left. It will be possible to add sound and effects to Stories. And the most important thing is to make them from a static image, that is, for the first time, users will have the opportunity to post on TikTok not a video.

While the new feature is very similar to Instagram Stories, there is an important difference: Comments on TikTok Stories will be public. Recall that on Instagram, they get into private messages after 24 hours.

You can see how many people have watched Stories on a special tab. It will also indicate whether you are subscribed to these users. If not, you can subscribe or buy tiktok fans in special services.

To view the Stories of other users, you need to scroll the panel and click on the avatar of the author of interest.

TikTok hopes that the new feature will allow communication with fans in between video shoots and will make it easier to master the social network.

At the testing stage, the feature is only available to some users in different countries. When it will appear for everyone, it has not yet been reported.

The Stories format first appeared on Snapchat in 2013. In 2016, they were introduced by Instagram, and then Facebook, which owns it. In November 2020, Twitter decided to launch the format, naming it Fleets. In the eight months that Fleets were available, Twitter added the ability to embed GIFs, stickers, and text in different colors, but in August 2021 they decided to abandon the function. She did not gain popularity.

Also, within TikTok, another new trend is gaining popularity: bloggers present themselves as guests of the first series of fashion week shows. Recently, such videos are published more and more on the occasion of the beginning of the fashion season, which traditionally takes place in February.

However, this year the conditions have changed a bit: most of the show is online. Although nothing will replace live communication and viewing of new collections, tickers have launched a trend that allows everyone to be in the forefront.

The concept of the trend is quite clear: the blogger chooses designers whose shows he dreams of attending, selects unique and accurate images, shoots a tick-talk and edits to the beat of the slow-moving Gimme More Britney Spears. And although the video lasts a few seconds, you need to spend a lot of time to create it. What is the search for clothes worth, because usually at each show guests wear designer clothes, or at least beat his characteristics. For example, for a Saint Laurent show, tick-tockers choose black and leather clothing and an animal print. For Gucci, with their bold combination of fabrics and inspiration from the 70s, bloggers wear aviator sunglasses, flared pants, bow blouses, knitted sweaters and massive boots.

In addition to these brands, the videos often mention Chanel with tweed and delicate shades, Jacquemus with jackets and sandals, Prada with floral embroidery and deep blue suits.