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Comparison of the Best and Free VoIP Software for Online Gamers

by Joseph Richard
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Meaningful communication between teammates makes one distinguish a weak team from a strong one while playing Online. Various developers and organizations have developed much software that allows more accessible communication for multiple gamers online. This guide will look at many available options that can be very handy to you as an online gamer.


Discord is one software that is widely used by gamers undisputedly. Thus when it was started back in 2015, its main objective was to help gamers communicate easily before later being extended as a professional job software. The better part is that it is free and accessible on a wide variety of systems, for example, Android, Windows, iOS or macOS. However, what makes it stand out from the rest is its ability as a web application.

What we like

  • Quality Voice chatting/Video chat service
  • Strong Security
  • Ability to share files easily
  • Well designed and integrated Bots

Discord offers very user friendly, but it is not that welcoming to a newbie who doesn’t know their way around. This is professional software that is a must for you if you are so much into gaming.


Mumble is one of the most accessible software for any professional to recommend to you if you ask. It s free software on the market that allows teammates to communicate using their voices. It distinguishes itself among the competitive market by offering a very light service. Moreover, it populates a low latency and takes pride in its codec in terms of its audio quality. Here the gamer or the user can create chat rooms, send text messages to others and even host their servers locally.

What we like

  • Many Extensions that are accessible
  • It is Light
  • Easy to understand software


Formally it was called Riot.im, You don’t require to pay a single of your penny to utilize this voice communication and a free instant messaging software. It is accessible on android, iOS and also Web App. What makes it stand is the capability to connect to other known messaging Apps, for example, Telegram or Slack using the Matrix protocol. You can talk directly with your groups during online games, create Salons and send large files.

What we like

  • It is Secured
  • Cross-platform
  • Best Matrix client on the market
  • It’s easy to understand interface allows both newbies & veterans to benefit from


Steam is notably very different from other software mention above because it was not developed for texting and voice messaging but mainly as an online video game circulation dais. In simple terms, it is a store that allows gamers or even non-gamers to purchase dematerialized directly on your PC. However, steam currently can be used as voice/Text chat software thanks to its creators.

What we Like

  • A crucial service for any PC gamer
  • A lovely social network side
  • Very reliable voice chat

To add on, Steam benefits players with numerous advantages to mention a few, they can buy gifts/games from other players, make a quick barter trade or even utilise the famous workshop(Something like a studio or garage that allows players to engrave their pieces of equipment) to  their advantage


This is no other exceptional software that offers numerous features. Like steam, players can buy games from the Activision-Blizzard catalogue (a unified online store that can be located on the software ) and a couple of other vital components all, such as accepting or declining voice/Text chats from other friends

What we Like

  • Activision Games catalogue / Blizzard
  • Quality integrated voice chat
  • An easy to use interface

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