Google lens is bringing a lot of functionalities to Google Chrome


Computers running on Google Chrome will soon benefit from visual searches thanks to the availability of the Google lens.

Last April, the intelligent image recognition component made its first-ever appearance on the desktop PCs, allowing you to extract text from an image.

Google Lens continues to Grow

This availability of the Google lens into Chrome browser will see many features being incorporated. The context menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking, will now bring a new choice known as “Search on the part of the page with Google Lens”.After Tapping on it, you will be able to choose the area of your computer screen that you want to search with Google lens. Some links on which visual matches were located will also be shown on the same window as portrayed below:

Google has not reported a particular date for the appearance of this component in Chrome computers. The firm likewise plans to upgrade Google Lens in the coming months to assist with its new MUM algorithm Specifically.