On iOS, Apple has reintroduced the option for everybody to report counterfeit applications.


In iOS 15, the button to report an app’s flaws was added back to the App Store.

A new feature has been added that allows you to report an application as a scam.

According to a Washington Post survey published in June, 2% of the top 1,000 apps in the App Store are frauds. Apple made it harder to report an app, which was one of the issues mentioned. Users were forced to scroll to the bottom of the website to report suspicious activity or contact customer care. As a result, they frequently chose to submit a critical review, often drowned out by the fake but good evaluations.

By switching the button to report a problem on an app, Cupertino firm appears to have decided to capitalize on the issue. The latter always takes the user to a website where he must log in again, but there is now an option to label a program as a fraud specifically.

All users, including those who have not purchased the app or made a purchase within it, have access to this option.