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Shirleen Mukami And Her Baby Daddy Cabu Gah Accused Of Conning Kenyans On Twitter With Sob Story

by Vanessa Waithera
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Shirleen Mukami and her baby daddy Cabu Gah have been accused of conning Kenyans on Twitter with a sob story.

Two people sent me Shirleen’s story, they wrote “awww, see what this mama is doing for other mums” because am a mum as well, I was expected to praise the twenty-year-old single mum who had won many hearts on Twitter. She narrated her sob story very well, she said that being a single mum has been hard (which it usually is) and claimed that there has been nothing to celebrate.

Here’s how her thread started:

“Hello, Twitter. I’m Shirleen Mukami, a 20-year old single mother of one boy whom I was blessed with on June 15th 2021. He’ll be turning 5 months in the next few days. But what’s there to celebrate!? It’s been a ride of hell and unbearable heartbreaks and pain,”

While I read this the only thing that ran through my mind was, it’s only been 5 months and you’re already complaining? what about preschool, primary and University? anyways, I digress from the main point, let’s continue, shall we?

She then wrote about her touching and thoughtful initiative.

“Kenyans, kindly support our little ‘Baby Shower Sisters’ initiative. We’ve been doing little and can’t mind doing much. Going out more. Meeting more mothers and healing our minds. I don’t even have much myself. But it’s by giving that I have been receiving a diaper or two myself,”

It took hours and her story was trending, being shared everywhere, most mums (apart from me) felt the oneness of how real her story was, and I couldn’t blame everyone but at the same time, I wondered how are you helping people without helping yourself? She got the traction she wanted and even attracted local media houses.

Empathetic Kenyans including Martha Karua sent their contributions and little by little they raised a little over KSh 800,000. Thank God for Edgar Obare and his loyal fans because a considerate person shared evidence that proved that the whole thing was a sham. It was revealed that Shirleen’s baby daddy Kenneth Gachie Kabuga alias Cabu Gah was the mastermind behind this fraud.

Receipts shared by Edgar Obare.

As usual, Edgar Obare does not just share allegations without receipts so the screenshots started rolling in and indeed it was right there, to our horror the story was true.

A screenshot of a WhatsApp message between Cabu and his friends was shared.

As his friends encouraged him they all laughed on their WhatsApp group.

Long story short the lady and her baby daddy decided to extort Kenyans while using a very real story that millions of single mother’s go through. My take is, unless you’re buying something online try or you’re continuing money to a cause you’re sure of that is verified by other people who know the person just keep your money where it belongs, your wallet or M-Pesa.

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