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The best apps to install on your new smartphone in 2022

by Joseph Richard
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Yes, it Is that day you have been anxiously waiting for. You now have your favorite smartphone that you have wanted to buy. Of course, you can’t wait to experience the technological marvel that comes with it and also put it to good use.

However, the main challenge is that as soon as you have the device powered on, yes, it is On, but there is nothing really in there to mess around with except for a few pre-installed applications. Now you have to decide which number of Apps should you first have on your smartphone. Making this decision can be very tough as several Apps are found in the PlayStore today. Fortunately enough, we’ve put up a list of necessary Apps that will give your smartphone its true meaning at first glance.

Astro File Manager

Your smartphone has many files (photos, movies, music, PDFs, and so on), and fortunately, Astro File Manager is an excellent file manager for those who do not want to use both a file manager and a cleaner. Several apps on the Play Store can clear up your many files, but the Astro File Manager stands out for its simplicity.


Although today’s smartphones can shoot high-quality photographs, Pixtica is one step forward with its in-camera apps. Pixtica has a user-friendly interface and provides a broad range of capabilities and shooting options. Enough to produce photographs deserving of the moniker!. Once you have this program installed and operating on your smartphone, you will be greeted with a successful and user-friendly UI.


CamScanner is one of the most popular scanning software since it is both simple and effective. Its user-friendly interface makes scanning and sharing multi-page documents simple. The application creates a high-resolution, professional-quality file that can be shared as needed. What’s the drawback? It adds a watermark to the scans in the free version. The CamScanner program, as easy as it is helpful, will be precious to people searching for a portable scanner.

Edison Mail

Edison Mail enables you to combine several email accounts for easier management. This free program includes a virtual assistant that can automatically sort emails, keep track of the weather, and manage flights and parcels. It has a dark mode and a premium version that unlocks additional security measures. Edison is one of those apps that will perform twice as well as your Google Gmail app.


There’s nothing juicier than the Habitica app that will help you manage your responsibilities and break bad habits. This software allows you to manage and facilitate your daily life in ways you never imagined possible. Once the app is loaded on your smartphone, you may use the “Get Things Done” function to solve your life issues effectively.


This messaging software is secure and straightforward, with free IP calls and group conversations. An indispensable tool for free trade everywhere. Signal is one of the most effective techniques available. What are her small extras? Secure communication and the capacity to send short messages.

Sleep Cycle Alarm

This program accomplishes its goal without overwhelming the user with a plethora of extra features. It is advised for folks who wish to keep track of the fundamentals of their sleep. Everything is done to assist the user in making improvements to his evenings. At Techmoran, we appreciate the app because it sets an alarm clock during a light cycle, which helps us get a good start.


 for many years Google’s software caters to a broad spectrum of users, including basic one-button editing choices and a comprehensive set of capabilities for sophisticated users. Snapseed seems to be reasonably convincing on the Play Store. What are her assets? Excellent filters with a comfortable grip.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club might be thought of like a showroom for the company’s goods, and what a showroom it is! Hundreds of free exercises are available and a shop where the business sells equipment. Everything is exceptionally effectively presented thanks to videos, an audio coach, and an interface that beautifully implements the Nike charter.

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