What’s new in Google Play services and the Play Store for Android?


On Android handsets, upgrades to the Google Play system and the Play Store are released once a month. Users have not been notified of their comprehensive content until now, but in the spirit of openness, the Mountain View company chose to clarify things by publishing all of the improvements included in its upgrades.

Google has now updated the website for the January 2022 update to provide a summary of the major changes that will be implemented in its Google Play services (v22.02.03) and Google Play Store in the near future (v28.8).

What’s new in the Android world?

Starting with the launch of a new discovery stream on all devices including Wear OS, and Android  Auto, you’ll be able to learn about all of the new features introduced by a major operating system update.

The Mountain View company will enhance the Google account support experience on all Android devices by providing users with more relevant material depending on their entry point. The remainder of the time, it will be Android devices that will be the most open to new features.

Users will have access to a new option to connect to their TV using their phones with the next Android TV upgrade, however, the American company has not provided more specifics. They will be able to manually add credentials for sites and apps mentioned in the Google Password manager, which will improve security and privacy.

Some new features will be added to Google Wallet as well. Android smartphone owners will be able to search for a specific layout without having to physically scroll the screen. Those who use the app on other terminals will also be subjected to the standard SMS verification process, which is based on the eligible cards, which is, once again, unidentified. On smartphones and Wear OS, customers should see an improvement in the Google Wallet experience.